Hi Guys, the year is still pretty young. We’d need every ounce of knowledge and wisdom to navigate safely through it. Here are five reasons you need to see Light in the dark.

1.Mekunye’s Light In The Dark is the light that can guide us through the darkness of 2019. The light is in the wisdom and knowledge that we gain from seeing this movie. When you hear the title, two things come to mind: Light and Darkness. Then you begin to wonder where the light and darkness are? The light in this movie is in how the issues are tactically resolved. We can borrow a leaf from the family life of Emeka and Jumoke.

  1. There is a way in which the relationship that exists between Jumoke and Hauwa sheds a light on how we should thread with friendship. Not all friends truly mean well for us.
  2. A ray of light beams on tribal segregation that is pervasive in multi-ethnic country such as Nigeria. Despite the cultural prejudices, Emeka and Jumoke become man and wife. That’s a strong statement of barrier-breaking love.
  3. Forgiveness is a very important aspect of love. If you cannot forgive, you cannot really love. Jumoke finds a place in her heart to forgive Emeka despite the painful process of forgiveness. If we can just keep forgiving one anther despite the pain inflicted on us by our loved ones, the world will be a better place.
  4. Light in The Dark poses a serious question about how we handle emotional matters. What would you do if you found yourself in Jumoke’s shoes? Many of us can easily just drop any answer but we know deep down in our hearts that it’s not that simple. However, Jumoke’s choices have become a kind of light for us should we find ourselves in her kind of darkness.

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