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Silverbird Film Distribution Ltd is an independent Film Distributor of theatrical Films established in July 2007, Silverbird Film Distribution Ltd, has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the film supply chain services industry.

Silverbird Film Distribution continues to be the resource for some of the most invigorating voices in modern cinemas. Our quest is to engage an ever expanding audience with a rich variety of films that range from box office hits to Academy Award winning dramas and comedies.

Silverbird Film Distribution offers a wide variety of services across the distribution spectrum. These services range from major and independent theatrical studio releases to limited home video distribution.


Our vision is to be the leading motion picture distribution company in Africa through our commitment to excellence in service, innovation and next generation technologies.


To help content creators and audiences connect effortlessly by creating a viable and effective distribution network across West Africa.


Stella Albright is Executive Vice President of Global Operations for The Silverbird Group, a family-owned diversified multi-media company in Nigeria with holdings in Radio, Television, Real Estate and Cinemas.

As Executive V. P., Stella is responsible for the overall strategy and implementation of the vision of the Silverbird group particularly in the areas of Communications and Cinema.

Silverbird is one of the largest entertainment conglomerates in Africa, reaching millions of Nigerians across the world.

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