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Mr & Mrs: Chapter 2

In "Mr and Mrs: Chapter 2," Kobi loses his job after his father's crisis with EFCC costs him his money and businesses. When Kobi and the kids start to depend soley on the income of his working class wife, Sharon, he starts to feel inadequate and gets sensitive at every given opportunity. He finally orders his wife to quit her job just so that she can have 'time for him, the kids, their family and house chores.'
He threatens her with the case of Linda, who we met in the prequel. Linda is a well-paid banker who almost loses her husband to their maid because of her busy schedule and unavailability.
This sequel subtly tries on its part to duplicate the original's mood and story; a controlling husband, a wife who has to make a decision to choose between family and work, and a meddling mother-in-law. This time around, there are kids in the picture; teenage kids who don't get enough attention from their busy parents.

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14 Apr 2017
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