Although Sun Tsu gives his perspectives on how to war in his best-selling book “Art Of War,” the movie, “Pacific Rim Uprising” aptly redefines the art of war. “Pacific Rim Uprising” marks a great leap in technological advancement as it puts forward the advanced ways of fighting the monsters of now and the future. Very soon, soldiers would no longer need to face unnecessary dangers at war as they would only need to wear some apparatus that would enable them control a scientific body. The body can stand the heat of war so long the controllers don’t get hurt.

Steven S. Deknight’s Pacific Rim Uprising exposes humanity’s tendency for heroic deeds. The heroes of this century and the next would not necessarily be physical giants but geeks of science and technology. This movie is a success at redefining how to tackle the monsters that assail the present and future of man. The kajia in this movie are the metaphors for human worries. The way to tame them all is not a tactless head on collision with them but technology.

The heroes of the movie step up and put on their technological armour to do some future-determining battle for the future of man. Once they wear their armour, what we see is a giant robot – swift, skillful, and agile – heading for the kagia who are nuts on the idea of destroying the human world. They can perform series of tasks that a normal ordinary person won’t dare perform.

As powerful as the jagers become when they put on the extra ordinary armour, when they themselves are hurt, they cannot do anything with the robot again. It takes two people to control one robot. Once one of the people is hurt, it would take the other person an unspeakable amount of energy to lift the robot from the ground. The Robots also work with the strength of the mind and body.

We can’t wait to see that future where science and technology will be the new face of warfare. But until then, let’s take what we can from the future projection that “Pacific Rim Uprising” offers.

Anytime the jagers come up against the kajia in a deadly confrontation, the sound track on whose wings the young warriors ride would jumpstart you in your seat. You’d feel a push that encourages you to join the jagers and help save the world. One of the most inspiring moments happens when the final battle is about to take place and Stacker Pentecost (John Boyega) delivers his short adrenaline-pumping speech to the cadets. Oh Lord, you just want to want to join them. It’s such a noble duty to be on expedition with the world-saving team using the most extra ordinary weapons of war that humanity is gradually coming to terms with.

Good news: You can now join the team in cinemas!

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