The United Nations General Assembly, at its 65th session on the seventh day of April 2011, declared 12th of April of every year as the International Day of Human Space Flight in acknowledgment and celebration of the giant step that humanity took on the 12th of April 1961 when the Soviet Citizen, Yuri Gagarin made that historical Vostok 1 space flight. In one hundred and eight minutes, Gagarin completed the remarkable revolution round the earth in Vostok 3KA space shuttle.

It’s the first significant step into the space era when science and technology is enhanced by man’s relationship with the outer space. The results are all over us today. Humanity has undoubtedly utilized its access to space in the expansion and development of the science of connectivity as the present human world feeds largely on how much it is able to shrink up and connect every part of the globe so that the true global village dream is better realized.

However, mankind cannot completely boast of a totally connected world for the purpose of peaceful and scientific and humane interactions in its exploration of the outer space, because there are people who also want to key into this idea to make a mess of the world. The arts have given us a bite of such malfeasances in the conflict between the world-saving protagonists and malicious antagonists of several works of arts. The movie world has quite a number of them. The latest we have is in Steven S. Deknight’s “Pacific Rim Uprising,” a brilliant sci-fi revealing how man-stimulated monsters from the outer space invade the world. Thank goodness, the likes of John Boyega, Scot Eastwood and the rest of the team have the Science & technology and the mental might to combat the monsters. If not for the help of the ingenious application of science & technology for the advancement and protection of humanity, there is no way the young team could have risen to the apocalyptic threat posed by the giant monsters. “Pacific Rim Uprising” is therefore a potent reminder of all the dreams dreamt for the forward movement of humanity.

As the world celebrates the International Day of Human Space Flight, we should remember all the technologies made possible by the exploration of the outer space; we should remember to find means to further humanize these technologies so that humanity can be protected and preserved; we should remember no matter the giant step we take in utilizing the space to human advancement, if we cannot build the love ship that will make us explore the human spirit to our advantage, then we will continue to harm ourselves with our inventions.

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