Why can’t Kevin come to Nigeria to marry Alexandra? Why must it be Alexandra traveling all the way to live with him in America? Alex should have exercised her woman power over Kevin by agreeing to marry her only if he comes to take her hand in marriage in Nigeria. At least, that would have put Kevin’s sincerity and love to some test. But Alexandra plays to the normal assertion that the woman is a weaker sex. Her going to America shows that she has some inferiority complex about her marriage worth. She feels some complex about her own country and holds America and its people in an esteem that not all of them deserves. She plays to the stereotype that most Nigerian youths are desperate to leave their own country for a greener pasture abroad. She presents herself a weak woman. But Alex is a good lady. Mistake not weakness for malfeasance. She is just a woman in search of genuine love.

Thanks to the monster in Kevin, otherwise, the real man in Alexandra would not have come out to ask for justice. In her fight for freedom and justice, Alex becomes a man. The road to becoming a man is such a rough and tough one. The woman in her has to be shredded off by the cold hands of Kevin. She has to experience sex slavery in order to come to terms with her fear and weakness. Her becoming a man is further expressed in the deep-seated quest for protection and vengeance especially as she seeks to do this by enrolling in the U.S army.

Her military training heartens her about self-defense and quest for justice. When eventually Kevin comes to snuffle her out, she stands up and not only defends herself but also kills him. The death of Kevin is symptomatic of the coming to life of the man in Alexandra. She now feels so safe that she no longer needs to rush back to Nigeria for protection. She is man enough to protect herself from any aggression – psychological or physical.

Alexandra’s fight for freedom and justice brings some credibility to the meaning of her name. Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander which means “defender of men.” The name was known to have been in Britain since 13th century. It was made more famous by the matrimonial union that happened between the future King of England, Edward VII and the Princess of Denmark, Alexandra.

In this movie, we can aptly consent to the twist in the meaning of the name and label her “defender of women.” Her attainment of self-dense and justice is also an achievement for women all around the world, women who suffer all forms of oppression and servitude. Her story is a bright light of hope in the dark dungeon of oppressiveness. We may even adjudge her to be Alexander the Great for her taming of her demons.

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