The broken seat further intensifies the bilious office atmosphere as office workers queue behind the two M.Ds who are constantly shouting down each other’s throats. This is typical of PDP and APC, the two prevalent political parties in Nigeria. The chasm widens as the two factions employ all malicious means to outwit and outdo each other just so that one faction can be eventually obliterated. It is the manner in which they employ the tactics that places this movie among the movies that explore Nigerian problems from a fresh perspective. Never in Nollywood has a comedy ever solely focused the madness of power as the farcical techniques employed in “Boss of All Bosses.” The approaches of these power brokers in the struggle for retention of the M.D seat are emblematic of the Machiavellian methods that Nigerian rulers often bring to the fore when they gun for an office or get a political appointment. The treacherous means are so humorously painted that the deep lessons could be lost on you while you are busy laughing. It is in this movie that insults come as endearments; it is in this movie that mediocrity is the norm; it is in this movie that a fowl challenges an M.D to a duel right in his office. It is in this movie that guns are toys. That is as realistic as it can get. In our waking reality, guns are toys for everyone; the police, the Boko Haram sect and other devious members of the society kill for a pastime using smuggled ammunition.

It is written and produced by Emeka Kachikwu. The movie boasts of a mélange of thespians such as Patience Uzokwor, Chinedu Emmanuel, Adunni Ade, Eniola Badmus, Sani Danja, Ime Bishop Umoh, etc.

Now playing in Cinemas.

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