When life gets so dull, what do you do? Visit Hotel Transylvania? That sounds nice. There is a bit of irony hovering over this though – Dracula, the CEO of the hotel is lonely and bored. Now, that’s where the fun begins. Mavis, Dracula’s daughter plants an idea in his head; it’s about taking a break and going on a vacation to an unknown place. This idea is freaking her father out but at the same time, he is excited about leaving the boredom behind, the prospect of finding a date, and the journey to a place his daughter would never tell him about. It’s not just only Dracula that’s going on this vacation, he’d be joined by his entire household. A family Time. Are they able to really have the family time? What does the journey do to each character travelling with Dracula? Is Dracula able to overcome his boredom? Is he able to find a mate?

All these questions are aptly answered but you too would have to first get out of your busy and boring life and spend some time with the family of Dracula as they travel to a mysterious destination all in the name of vacation.

Starts showing in cinemas from July 13th 2018.

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