The tallest building in the world, “Pearl” is under attack. Mr. Sawyer’s family is stuck on one of the floors above the fire line. It’s only a matter of time: the rage of fire and the terrorists holding the building captive will soon get to them. Sawyer, (Dwayne Johnson) a war veteran and security agent is away from his family at this period. He must quickly run back home to save his world – his family. What are the hurdles on his way? Is he able to save his family? Watch out for Dwayne Johnson’s crazy clash with terrorists as he battles for the safety of his family.

Starring in this action-packed movie are Dwayne Johnson, Pablo Schreiber, Neve Campbell, Byron Mann, Ng Chin Han, Noah Taylor, Byron Lawson, etc.

The stunts in the action scenes will definitely leave you gasping. Dwayne Johnson is, no doubt, the best action actor of this century. You may even have to close your eyes as he hauls himself from a crane, fixes his huge frame on the outer body of the building, rolls through fire, takes down the bad guys with kicks and nods.

You’d very much enjoy the conspiracy of the sound tracks gracefully in sync with each action taken.

The biggest setting of the movie is the site of the building. “You are welcome to Paradise,” which soon melts into a hell. No movie has taken place in such a futuristic building in film-making history.

Keep your fingers crossed as the most daunting family movie of the year graces your screen right from July 13th 2018.

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