“Pearl,” the tallest building in the world stands the risk of being destroyed by the vilest terrorists the world has ever known. It is not just the imminent destruction of the building that is evil, the greater evil is in the 240 stories that will perish along with it. Out of the 240 stories, one of them is the cinematic choice of Rawson Marshall, the director. One of such stories is that of Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) and his family. Why is this story worthy of this glamorous attention given to it? It is a story of family, love, heroism.

There is a story in each storey of the building. Pearl is a 240-storey building, Honk Kong’s massive tourist attraction and the ‘safest super-tall structure in the world.’ Mr Sawyer is taken to the topmost part and shown the majesty of the building. The Empire State Building in New York only has 102 stories while Dubai’s Burj Khalifa has 160 storeys. The structure is that of a twisted object, so that what you have is an image of a building that goes up in spirals. At the topmost floor is the shape of a pearl. That’s where the building gets its name. And like its name, this building is priceless and should be protected. Zhao Long, the building developer tells Sawyer, “Welcome to heaven.” Long Ji employs the services of Sawyer as the chief security agent/consultant for “Pearl.” This is later understood as a vatic action when the building comes under attack. The owner of the building hides away a flash drive on the topmost floor so that the information regarding his wealth is well kept.

In one of the closing scenes, Sawyer asks the landlord of the building what he’d do next. “Rebuild,” he replied. Real men know how to bounce back no matter the magnitude of the misfortune that befalls them. Real men know how to rebuild and this is way beyond just fixing his building, it’s a metaphorical hope for fixing the world as the building is an image of the world as it is. Families live in the world. If they must function well, the world has to be in its best state. Many families fall with the building going down under terrorist attacks. This is the case with our world today. Families fall day by day as they try to survive the harsh realities of this world. “Pearl,” being the name of the building, is only as valuable as the level of comfort and unity it brings to its inhabitants. The world should be ready to go against intruders, terrorists and save the souls of our families. That is the way to really save the world. If we cannot achieve this, then the world cannot be our “Pearl,” it’d become our dud or doom.

“Skyscraper is now playing in cinemas!

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