It was a night of hopes and expectations for film lovers across Lagos as they waited with bated breath for the most anticipated movie of the year to hit the screens. It wasn’t about the glamour of the night for them, it wasn’t about the stars gathering – it was about “Mission Impossible: Fall out,” the sixth instalment in the Mission Impossible series.

It was the night of July 26, 2018, the premiere of Mission Impossible 6 was on the way, and it was to take place at Silverbird Galleria, 133, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island Lagos. Red carpet moments experienced an array of stars smiling into camera lenses as expectations glued to their faces.

When the movie was eventually over, the audience reactions came in massive proportions.

“Mission Impossible 6 is a fantastic movie. From the beginning, it was just all crazy, the suspense is exquisite, the picture, wonderful, the actions…I don’t’ know. Tom Cruise is just wonderful,” Amara (@amarachieze7)

Adeyemi Okanlawon, a brilliant Nollywood actor couldn’t contain his surprise, “I think it’s an amazing movie. I didn’t think they could do much better than they did in the past Mission Impossible but they surprised me even more. This is the best of all the M. I series. It was action-packed, it was funny, and the stunts were crazy. It was really an amazing experience.”

“The movie wasn’t bad at all. Though I came in late, I enjoyed it. I would have to watch it again. Ethan Hunt’s stunts really got me,” said Afolahan Titilola. (@Teeteelular).

Angelthebrand, a nollywood director and BBN housemate2018 was wowed by the directing and the stunts, ‘Mission Impossible: Fall out’ is a mad movie. Mission Impossible has always been a title that I really like because with each one they try to push the envelope up the anthill and make us gasp for breath a bit more. This one has a lot of twists because they keep on setting themselves up inside the set-up, inside the set-up and inside the set-up. And of course Henry Cavill would kill at every point in time. In fact, I can’t wait to see him as James Bond. I really like the filming style in this one. You know when he (Tom Cruise) had to jump out of the plane, he probably had the cinematographer jump out backwards with him. That’s mad. As a film maker, that’s some mad stuff. (@Angelthebrand)

Adenrele Olufemi Adeyemi Edun was super excited about the movie, “What do I think of this movie? Fast-paced, action-packed. Everything was huge. Do you know I am still in awe? In fact, I am a die-hard fan of Tom Cruise’s movies. I have seen all of Tom Cruise’s movies. When I got the invitation, I said ‘do you know what? I don’t care if I am getting married today, I will leave them at the church and come down here and watch this movie.’ I also learnt facts. Tom Cruise spent sixteen hours every day working really hard to get his helicopter license. So all the stunts in the movie were engineered and carried out properly by Tom Cruise himself. Even that part where he had to jump out of the plane. He had to jump over thirty thousand feet. Even when he was jumping on the roofs, he actually broke his ankle.

It’s an amazing movie. M:I 6, if you haven’t seen it, you need to see it. You know what, life has not started if you have not seen this movie. And if you have seen it, Life has not begun until you go and watch it again. Silverbird, thank you for this opportunity, una don make our day.” @Denrele_edun

“Mission Impossible: Fall out is very very, I don’t even know how to express it. I enjoyed myself. There were so many high points. What I love most about the movie was the suspense. At the end, I was expecting a kiss but they didn’t kiss. They didn’t say mission impossible, they just did it in all the actions,” @amyflourish.

Steve Ibe, a veteran Nollywood actor was quite impressed with the movie. “M: I6 was quite awesome. As a Nollywood person, I got a lot of very vital points. The best aspect of it is that it was full of suspense but at the end of it, it was all resolved. It was quite attractive, I like the movie. I enjoyed it.”

Shadrach, an accountant and lover of movies remembered the cable-cutting moments, “M:I6 was awesome, fantastic, mind-blowing. I really enjoyed myself. The part they were about cutting off the green cables and they were like aww just in one second we are gone. They thought they were all gone. When they opened their eyes, they were like, we are still alive guys. And the key was already in my guy’s mouth. And guess who that was…my Tom Cruise.”

Jevwe, who is not even a lover of action movies found M:I6 couldn’t help but put in some words for this franchise, “It was fantastic. I was blown away. The end…the part where it was like are we all gonna die including us in the hall? The part where we are just waiting to see what’s gonna happen and you know at the end he got that special thing we all needed him to get.”

May Owen (actress, singer, chef, and humanitarian) was such a crazy fan of Tom Cruise. She shouted her comments with all the gusto in her veins. “Oh! Tom Cruise! In fact, that movie… Everything was so real: flying the helicopter, jumping from roof to roof. I mean it was real. This guy does his own stunts. When he was on the bike, a car just came and hit the bike and he flew off and landed. This guy, are you a Spiderman or don’t you have bones in your body? You are fifty something years old and you are behaving as if you are one small boy. I love you, Tom Cruise, I love you,” (officialmayowen).

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