Right from 1996 when the first installment of Mission Impossible graced the big screen, there has been no let down from Paramount and cast who constantly give their best in all the production stages. Paramount often ensures that the right atmosphere is created before the crew members and actors are invited to locations around the globe.

The road to Mission Impossible 6 began three years ago when it was announced that Paramount pictures would be working on the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible series and that Tom Cruise and a host of other capable hands would be a part of the production. Tom Cruise himself substantiated this on ‘The Daily Show’ with John Steward. As at the time of Cruise’s validation of the claim, he hinted that the movie was currently being shot.

In 2015, Rob Moore, Paramount’s senior manager expressed his optimism for further spinoffs and the company’s happiness over the involvement of Tom cruise in this episode of the franchise. Paramount are known for getting the best to work on their filmic projects. This has a huge implication on every action in the sixth installment. Tom Cruise, the lead actor, performs nail-biting stunts which would leave people’s hearts jumping out of their mouths. The trailers are already closing in on epic scary super-fast action scenes. Tom Cruise got injured on the London set in 2017. It took him seven weeks to return to action. During the convalescence period, the studio put paid to filming till Cruise’s right leg got healed.

Paramount engaged the services of Christopher McQuarrie, one of Hollywood’s best brains. He was tasked with the writing of the film which is now said to be one of the biggest action movies of all time. The script that McQuarrie came up with is adroitly tailored to intense actions that make cinematic meaning and beat those of the previous films and critics have agreed that this script is the best of all the ones ever produced for earlier Mission Impossible series.

Who can direct a movie better than the man who created the script? Christopher McQuarrie puts his directorial capability to a fantastic use on the set of ‘Mission Impossible: Fall out.’ He makes the movie come out on screen like the best seller it has always been. You wonder how a scene is adeptly maneuvered in such a way that hard stunts are made to look like a cinch.

The sound, the cinematography, the sequences of actions, the head-bursting stunts all combine to make this a nonesuch installment in the history of the franchise. There is no better movie company capable of putting all of these together than Paramount Pictures. It is this kind of movies that show that Paramount is a giant in movie making business. It is no doubt then that they are a significant member of the Big Six movie studios in the U.S.

The C.E.O of Paramount Pictures, Jim Gianopulous, an astute Greek American entrepreneur mentioned ‘Mission Impossible: Fall out’ as one of their yet unreleased movies with universal allure during CinemaCon in April of this year.

Silverbird Film Distribution boss, Rosana George is excited that the unit is partnering with Paramount studios to see to the successful distribution of the much anticipated ‘Mission Impossible: Fall out’ in the whole of West Africa. ‘We are happy to be a part of this massive project,’ she said.

Mi6 is now playing in cinemas.

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