It’s not just any Rose; it’s a worthwhile Rose, and it is meant for Freddy. This Rose waits patiently as her man studies abroad and returns home to her at the completion of his studies. But things are never the same again. It’s not exactly the Nigeria he leaves behind few years back. Jobs are harder to get; streets are bursting with graduates seeking employments, companies are not ready to spend their hard earned money experimenting with the ideas of a newcomer into the economic atmosphere, some even turn you down because of your overseas certificates with the fear that you are perhaps too qualified for the job and cannot therefore afford your expenses. Freddy’s friends too have moved on adapting gracefully to the economic conditions as some of them have their own companies while others are gainfully employed in not-so-bad firms.

Tunde (Gregory Ojefua), being Freddy’s friend, is bullied into giving Freddy a post in his company. Freddy enjoys the job though it creates a huge space between him and his lover. It’s just enough space for Tunde to move up close to Rose and strike. And strikes he does as he sets up Freddy with some wraps of cocaine in his car. With the police on Freddy’s heels, the chasm becomes glaring. Tunde steps in to help Rose kill the boredom, the worry and the loneliness. Rose falls prey to Tunde’s gambits and ends up in bed with him. It is even more painful that she falls not away from home but right in her own bedroom. The man she has waited for four years has not gone that length with her since his return from the States.

Freddy eventually clears himself up (with the help of his friend: Udoka Oyeka –Osa) and returns home only to discover that Tunde sets him up just to devour his Rose. He is so pained that he builds an emotional wall between himself and Rose. He packs out of the house and starts living with his friend, Osa.

Rose languishes in guilt and pain as she continually tries to convince her man to come back home. The dramatic unification happens at the final scene when a mutual friend, Kamsi falls sick and is hospitalized. Freddy and Rose meet again. After lots of back and forth and intervention of Osa and Kemi, they are able to find their romantic rhythm again.

“A Rose For Freddy” takes us through the travails of love. It is a lesson in patience, faithfulness, endurance and forgiveness. For four years, Rose awaits her lover Freddy who studies abroad. She not only waits, she does so patiently and faithfully. Her waiting helps heighten the plot when the wolf, Tunde comes up with his games. It is interesting how Tunde does not play all these games while Freddy is still in the U.S. At least Freddy’s absence could have been a subtle accomplice in the struggle to win Rose’s heart.

The movie helps us understand the typical traits of wolves around us. Tunde is the wolf aiming to destroy a Rose. For every beautiful thing – Rose – there is always a Wolf out there thinking of ways to destroy it. In the case of the beautiful love relationship between Rose and Freddy, it is Tunde, one of Freddy’s closest friends. Here is the warning in this movie: those who are close to you are the ones who can be your strongest opposition. This is because they have all the information they need to either make or mar your life.

Love and trust prevail eventually. The dramatization of the forgiveness between Freddy and Rose at the closing scenes is made possible by the trust and love which the lovers have built over a period of time. The final scene plays premium on two hands holding each other. In that passionate gesture, the supremacy of love and trust in human relationships is established.

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