A War breaks out in Cybertron, a planet occupied by giant powerful machines which have the capacity to transform into helicopters, war jets and cars with deadly combat-ready functions. B127 finds a way to run for dear life. The planet earth appears to be “a well hidden refuge.”

On earth, the year is 1987; a certain adventurous girl is on the verge of turning 18. There is no birthday gift as perfect as B127 which disguises itself as a yellow piece of jalopy- a beetle in the junkyard of an old man who is happy to gift Charlie the car which is ominously described as “a death trap.”

Guess what, the evil rebels of Cyberton trace their victim to earth. Just before they could find B127, an unbreakable bond is already established between him and his new family, Charlie.  The police are ready to liaise with the rebels so they could find their prey.

Where does this lead? Are they able to find B127? What happens to Charlie who is not ready to let go her new found love?

Travis Knight, the director of this new franchise, executes his shots so well you cannot but be enraptured by the action and romance. He is able to bring a sensible bridge to the distance that has been created between man and machine. The script’s humanization of machine is enthralling and the moments when Bumblebee rescues the police officer and Charlie strike at the core of humanity. In machine now flows the milk of human kindness meanwhile many human beings have lost their humanity.

Bumble bee is distributed in Nigeria by Silverbird Film Distribution.

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