The Hollywood actress Emma Watson has identified herself as “Self-partnered” and not single. The 30 year old complained about the societal pressures of being single, she said this in an interview with the British vogue magazine.

Emma Watson stars in one of our movies “little women” which premieres on 7th of FEB.  Meg “Emma” was more devoted to the idea of romance than status and was eager to commit to a marriage she wouldn’t socially benefit from. Contrary to this character Emma has proven in real life the strengths that come with being single or as she called it “self-partnered”.

In further comparison, does anyone remember the musical show where Jane lynch “Sue Sylvester” marries herself? It’s as though Emma finally coined a name for this after all.

Little women is a sensational movie where four sister portray the different turn outs of a woman’s life and the real essence of choices and believe.

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