The Movie Queen and Slim has already claimed so many awards based on a lot more than just a captivating story line. The movie plot is situated in the black community on which it sheds more light. The African-American Film Critics Association has awarded the movie with the “Impact Award” and the award for “Top 10 Best Films”. It has also come forth as the “Best Original Screenplay” by the Black Film Critics Circle Awards. Florida Film Critics Circle Awards has awarded it the “Best First Film”

Daniel Kaluuya plays Slim in the movie while Jodie Turner-Smith a criminal defense attorney. Queen, has dinner with her date, Slim, in an Ohio diner. Slim drives Queen home afterwards; his presumably erratic driving attracts the attention of a police officer, who pulls them over and makes Slim step out of the car. After not complying with his orders, the agitated officer draws his gun on Slim and when Queen gets out and tries to record the incident on her phone, he shoots at her, grazing her leg. Slim tackles the officer before grabbing his gun and shooting him in self-defense. They both agree to run or spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Queen and Slim will be in the cinemas on the 24th of Jan. Save the Date.

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