The Producer and lead actress of the movie “The Legend Of Inikpi” has created a positive recognition for a real myth affiliated to the people of Igala, “today’s Kogi State”. Mercy Johnson in her debut movie told the story of Inikpi who was the most loved daughter of her father, an old Igala King. In the movie, the kingdom of Igala was at war with it’s neighboring village the Benin Kingdom and Inikpi chose to sacrifice her life to save her community. Not only is this a heroic story, it is said to have happened in real life. In contribution to the documentation of her history, Mercy took up the initiative to shoot this touching story.

The film features a stellar cast of Nollywood heavyweights including Mercy Johnson Okojie, Sam Dede, Odunlade Adekola, Saidi Balogun, Paul Obazele and others. The producer explained, “I believe I’ve been called to tell Nigerian stories and from the feedback so far, people are ready to know more about our culture and our past. It’s an honour to be the vessel to tell these stories.

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