Could Han really be coming back in the next franchise after he died in Fast 8? After the release of F9 trailer which dropped about a month ago, we realized that Han who’s character is supposed to have died in a car crash at the begging of Furious 8 has returned to Fast 9. This is causing a lot of controversy on social media as a lot of Fast and Furious fans are intrigued by this surprise.
HAN WAS BURNED, HOW THE HELL HE IS BACK? Is there a multiverse in F9? What did Doctor Strange do that this shit happens

U guys gone to far with Han coming back 😂😂 u lucky I love the fast and furious franchise

We are yet to find out if this is just a prank by the trailer or if Han is really back, guess we would have to wait till the 22nd of May when the movie releases to find out the truth.

Fast and Furious has kept its legacy at the top since the action began, constantly raising the bar for itself. From Fast and Furious 1 down to 8 we haven’t recorded any boring moment and then well…, Fast 9 is about to continue proving that narrative. The trailer unfolds a twist in the story as the hired assassin they are up against happens to be Jacob’s brother, let’s hope they get out of this one. Make sure to take a friend to the cinema.

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