Sonic has brought the speed to real life as the movie has become the No 1 movie in West-Africa. The movie has exceeded its expectations predictably because its a title that cuts across all target audience, and of course the thrill in the film is also enough to cause worthy engagement.

The franchise has been constantly expanding since its inception, from its movies to the games and even the ice cream retail spots. In 2013, Sony Pictures acquired the film rights, and the film entered development in collaboration with Sega Sammy’s Japan studio, Marza Animation Planet. Fowler was hired to direct in 2016. After Sony put the project in turnaround, Paramount Pictures acquired it in 2017, and the majority of the cast had signed on by August 2018. Filming took place in September and October 2018 in Ladysmith and Parksville in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.

Sonic is feeling lonely after escaping his planet to earth for safety. One night he goes into overdrive at the base ball court and takes out the power in the entire north pacific regions. Dr Robotnik; the scientist was hired to investigate the problem when he discovered Sonic’s super power. Mr Wachowski has offered to help Sonic find his ring, while fighting off Dr Robotnik.

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