The Valiant Comic Book Entertainment company is set to release their debut film on the big screens this March (20th) and the fans are most expectant. The company took a bold step by collaborating with one of the biggest studios in Hollywood; Columbia pictures, while staring Fast and Furious’ Vin Diesel as the Lead.

Comic book movies – and superhero movies, in particular – have been dominating the box office in the past decade, but how can comic book companies convert ticket sales into comic book sales? This is one of the many questions that creators, publishers, retailers, and fans have been asking in conjunction with pop culture’s superhero explosion.


Here are some characteristics from the comic books the fans expect to remain the movie.

  • Healing Ability: Bloodshot’s ability to heal from severe wounds very quickly is definitely something the fans want to see in the movie.
  • No Memory: In the comics, Bloodshot had no memory of his past existence, so he had to go on a search for his identity.
  • Cross Overs:  In Harbinger Wars, Bloodshot is thrown into the mix when Project Rising Spirit seeks a group of children, all of them potential psiots, or psionics. This brings him head to head with the teen superhero team, Harbinger.
  • Rai of the 41st Century: There have been many Rai’s, Takao Konishi, the Last Rai is infused with the Blood of Heroes, the nanite-laced blood of Bloodshot. This gives Rai Blodoshot’s powers, and the film a chance to build for the (far) future.

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