Let’s assume you had just two weeks to spend in Lagos, what list of activities would make it to your itinerary? What foods would you try? What places would you go? What hotels would you lodge?

The City of Lagos has been spoken about by many, occupied by most but really truly explored by just a few. The city was originally referred to as Eko which is the land area now known as Lagos Island where the king’s palace was built. The Palace is called Iga Idunganran which, translated means Palace built on the pepper farm. In recent times the city has metamorphosed into this large economic hub with the most of the county’s population, housing headquarters of million dollar companies and world class bridges.

Our Nollywood forth coming movie titled; 2 Weeks In Lagos is a love story that unfolds when a business man decides to stretch his investments to Nigeria.

Mawuli Gavor as Ejikeme has just two weeks to spend in Lagos when he falls in love with Lola (Beverly Naya). Although, he is faced with the dilemma of an arranged marriage set up by his politically ambitious family. Now he has to decide if he would be willing choose his love or stick with the arrangements. 2 Weeks In Lagos is out in cinemas on the 27th of March, take a friend with you.

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