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A memorable moment to stamp your landmark in history on your movie’s big day just before its release in cinemas. We ensure that the right things are always in place to give you and your guests that extra unique V.V.I.P experience, from the publicity to the atrium to decorations to the cinema(s), concession, and much more, just to bring your event to life.
Press / Private / Advance


These events are held for national and major market critics in advance of print and television production-cycle deadlines and are usually by invitation only.
Voice of The People

Vox Pop

Based on the opinions of movie buffs and the general public at large, we love to get comments and reviews from members of the public on the movies we distribute so we know if they follow the storyline of such movies. One of our sister stations, SILVERBIRD TV ensures that such moments are well captured and aired on television.
Yes, We Are on The Air Waves Too

Radio Moments

Back by popular demand, you can catch us on the radio every Wednesday at 8:30 am via our sister station RHYTHM 93.7fm and you can also tune in online to listen.